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Set in an alternate version on our Earth where monster, demons and gods surround us, hidden from normal view, Locus starts as a story of revenge and grows into something much more. Vampires, necromancers, and demons; what may sound like your cliche Hollywood horror monsters are reborn with amazing realism and a deep mythology that makes the world feel real and dangerous.

About Locus

Locus is an experiment. An experiment in art, writing, and censorship. It's a little playground full of monsters and nekkid women, where the creator thinks out loud about God, the universe, and why we're here. He originally peddled the comic with the tagline "Boobs, Blood and Bad Language™", but it's kinda found its own direction since then. Give it a read and have some fun!

Locus is a Webcomic primarily in English. Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Comments Comments

Aug 26, 2011 6:29pm

I found this comic a few years back when it just started and, while impressed by the art, kind of wrote it off for some reason. Reading through it now, I'm glad I did, because having to wait for each update would have been painful.

Reading almost 2 years worth of updates in one sitting is the way to go. And Locus has proven to be quite the surprising little gem.

A deep story filled with demons and mythology, some beautiful artwork and interesting characters... Locus has me hooked. I recommend giving it a shot.

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