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The Magnificent Milkmaid returns to her apartment just off the campus of Gazonga State University, about to revert to her normal form, Beth Dorman. In the process of de-transforming, she leaves two gallons of her own breast milk in the refrigerator. Her departure for morning classes awakens her roommate, Kayla Amachi. Kay starts the morning with a glass of chocolate milk... using Milkmaid's magically charged milk. As a result she transforms into Chocolate Milkmaid for the first time- and, after a little thought, figures out that Beth has a dual life...

About Chocolate Milkmaid

In 2001 Lawrence Mann, a friend of Kris Overstreet and a very early contributor to White Lightning Productions' fanzine Moonshine Presents, drew a picture of his "muse" character Kallisti as a variant of The Magnificent Milkmaid. The image of "Chocolate Milkmaid" amused both men, but little else was thought of it at the time.

As time went on, however, Mann expressed more and more interest in doing stories starring "Chocolate Milkmaid." In turn, Overstreet needed material for future issues of Bootleg, and in the summer of 2003 he began to seriously consider a line of webcomics. Gradually a project began to take shape which would become the Chocolate Milkmaid webcomic. The main character would be Kayla Amachi, an aspect of Kallisti in the world of the Magnificent Milkmaid, who would become Chocolate Milkmaid because of a mix-up involving her college roommate, Beth Dorman.

The creative process for the comic began with Mann outlining vague ideas to Overstreet for story, characterization, and overall plot. Gradually dialogue and more detailed storylines would be hashed out between the two. With this done, Overstreet would edit the resulting notes into comic script format, returning the script to Mann to draw for the actual comic page.

Almost immediately Chocolate Milkmaid became the most popular webcomic on WLP's website, garnering more hits and donations than the other three starting webcomics combined. Unfortunately, problems first with PayPal and later with YowCow led to the total cessation of donations for all of WLP's webcomics. At the same time, problems with Mann's own life, including old consumer debts, moving, and an auto wreck in August 2004, left the comic with periods of hiatus that hurt readership considerably.

Finally, in need of more income than the trickle Chocolate Milkmaid provided, Mann decided to seek out commissioned artwork and a paid webcomic art project. Although he would continue to create the stories and oversee developments for Chocolate Milkmaid, he would no longer draw the actual comic. After finishing the last few pages of Chapter Four, the art chores passed to EvHor, who resumed the comic in the summer of 2005.

In late 2007 EvHor expressed his wish to discontinue drawing Chocolate Milkmaid in favor of focusing on his own creations, especially K-10's. A call for artists ended with the selection of Matt Zenn as the new artist for Chocolate Milkmaid. Shortly after taking up these duties, however, Zenn's day job forced him to take a hiatus from artwork over the summer of 2008. In December 2008 EvHor returned to art duties, ending the hiatus.

In addition to Mann, EvHor and Zenn, LordHavoc drew a six-page omake comic describing Chocolate Milkmaid's experimentation with her newfound powers.

Chocolate Milkmaid is a Webcomic primarily in English.

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Jun 19, 2017 11:59am

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